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Head Lice Policy

HEAD LICE USD 470 Head Lice Procedure: USD 470 requires that all students who have live lice will be excluded from school until they have been treated with a pediculocide.

1. Students will be checked for evidence of lice when referred to the nurse or designee by a staff member or parent.

2. Siblings or those living in the same household of those identified will also be examined.

3. After identifying students with lice the students will be removed from the classroom immediately and parents/guardians notified.

4. Upon arrival of the parent/guardian, the family member will be informed of the school policy.

5. Upon readmission, the student will be examined and will be lice-free prior to readmission to school.

6. Proof of pediculocide treatment must be provided to the nurse or their designee: a. Receipt for a pediculocide. b. Visual evidence of pediculocide treatment materials.

7. Students who have been identified as having lice will be monitored by the school nurse, or designee. The students will be rechecked upon admission and weekly until they have no evidence of lice infestation for three consecutive checks.

8. Students are allowed no more than four excused days per semester for the treatment of head lice. HEALTH & WELLNESS (JGCA

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Program

This year students will have the opportunity to sample different fruits and vegetables on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The goal of this program is to expand the variety of fruits and vegetables children experience, increase children’s fruit and vegetable consumption and make a difference in children’s diets to impact their present and future health.  Please take some time to discuss with your child their favorite one so far. 

Fruits and Vegetables

December Calendar

1 – PTO T-Shirt Order Due

4 – Frances Willard Site Council (6:00)

5 – Hour of Code for 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade (12:30-1:30)

15 – PTO Pickles and Popcorn

19 – No After School Program

19 – Winter Parties

19 – Santa Clause will visit Frances Willard

Please save Box Top$ for our school.  


Monday’s are Frances Willard Spirit Day.  Students should wear their Frances Willard T-Shirt or blue and yellow.  


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