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Educational Websites

More Math Games

This website has more fun math related and strategy games for kids.

Book Creater

This is a fun website that lets students create poems, picture books, and chapter books. This is a great way to work on writing and creative thinking.

Interactive Math Game

This game provides an interactive experience for students. Your child has developed an avatar and is able to use it to practice math skills while competing against classmates! We use this program in the classroom because of the great way that it allows students to work at their own level and pace.

Typing Games

This website allows for students to participate in typing races against one another or against people online.

Math Games

Students enjoy the math games that can be found at hoodamath!


This website offers a large selection of books for kids. You are able to create a free account for your child. They use this website at school and are already pros at maneuvering through it!

11 Free Reading Websites

This link will take you to a site with suggestions for 11 different FREE reading websites for kids!

Big Universe

This is a website that your student has been using on their iPad in the classroom. They are able to read a wide variety of books. Your student has their own login that they can use at any time!

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