Suzi Masem

Hello!  I am the School Social Worker/Counselor for Frances Willard Elementary.  I have been with Frances Willard school for 10 years now, and I continue to get excited each year about working with children.   Their growth and success in school is important to me!


I work with the administrator, teachers, and other professionals to support the educational experience of our students.  The school counseling program is designed to be proactive and preventive in nature, teaching students to manage problems and to develop healthy character traits.  I teach each grade level weekly, with age-appropriate lessons on the following topics:

  • Friendship
  • Bullying
  • Conflict resolution
  • Middle School Transition
  • Personal Safety
  • Handling emotions
  • Active listening skills
  • Career awareness
  • Kindness
  • Tolerance
  • Cooperation

In addition to classroom guidance, I can provide short-term, solution focused individual counseling regarding problems a child may experience at school or at home.  I can also provide small group counseling, for students whose social skills or coping mechanisms may hinder school performance.  If more in-depth therapy is needed, I can assist parents in locating appropriate mental health services for children as well.  

 Feel free to contact me anytime if you want to talk about your child’s progress.   You may reach me at 441-2050, or email me at

Contact Suzi Masem
School Phone:
620 441-2050
Conference Time:
1 - 2 pm, Mon, Thurs, Fri
February, 2016

Students will learn about kindness, compliments, and solving conflicts peacefully during classroom guidance lessons this month.